#015 Remote working from the road

It’s time for an experiment: #remoteworking meets #vanlife.

My partner and I set off today on a (hopefully) 6 week prototype working road trip. In this episode, I share our top 4 considerations on coming home early. Will we make it in one piece? Keep your fingers crossed!

#014 Boundless Energy

As the autumn season approaches, and we’re recharged after a summer break, how will you use your renewed energy? And is it limitless?

#013 The Landscape of Trust

How do you see trust. Do other people see it in the same way? Spoiler alert: probably not!

I talk about the ‘Landscape of Trust’ research project in today’s show. You can find out more about it, and even take part, by visiting https://research.seasaltlearning.com.

#012 Conditions for healthy communities

What conditions are needed to support a healthy community? Could they be: shared desires, scaffolded spaces with easy access, and spreading the word?

And all of this after pots of tea and my first parkrun.



#011 Resonating teams

There is something magical about being part of a resonating community. This episode asks what conditions make this happen, and I celebrate being in a resonating team right now.

#010 Clear vision for success

In episode #010, I confess to enjoying ‘winging it’, and why a clear vision, and shared stories, are so much more effective for me, you, and our communities.

And if you’re ‘Agile’ or in learning, there’s something for you too.

My podcast studio: the kit and where to buy it

I’m often asked what equipment I use to record and publish the Blowing Bubbles podcast.

Here’s a list of what I currently use, and where you can order it.

† If you go with the Shure SM58, then contact an authorised Shure seller, as there are LOADS of counterfeit SM58s on Amazon/Ebay. I know because I bought one. Grrr.

#009 Put yourself out there

It’s time to make things happen. I share how opportunities are coming thick and fast since I started Blowing Bubbles. It’s what every good social leader does. So do yourself a solid, and put yourself out there. Perfection not required!

#008 Choosing to be helpful

In today’s episode, I share my remote team’s decision to be kinder and more helpful to each other. And it’s not just fluff – feeling supported and helping others makes a real difference. So, what are you going to do to be kinder to your team today?

#007 Goals for lazy people

It’s confession time: Hello, my name is Sam, and I’m hopelessly lazy! In this episode I talk about setting goals to get things done, and look at Medium.com’s decision to sack 50 people, in order to refocus the company’s original mission.

Here’s the original article by Ev Williams https://blog.medium.com/renewing-mediums-focus-98f374a960be#.dfxmtoahv