#009 Put yourself out there

It’s time to make things happen. I share how opportunities are coming thick and fast since I started Blowing Bubbles. It’s what every good social leader does. So do yourself a solid, and put yourself out there. Perfection not required!

Blowing Bubbles podcast
#009 Put yourself out there

2 thoughts on “#009 Put yourself out there”

  1. Hi Sam,
    I’m one of those learners from the day who linked in via Twitter but chose Adobe spark at the time. I’ve finally got round to listening to your podcasts, being one for order I had start at number 1 and listen to them all. That was a week or two ago and I’ve just got round to starting again where I left off. These are fab thoughts for the day and I’m enjoying them in a sort of omnibus way. Do you have that option? Have you considered it, not that I don’t like the funky music each time, just a thought if we look to offer a series to Sports Coaches I’d be interested to see how that works. Thank you Lou (time for number 10)

    1. Great to hear from you Lou, and I’m really pleased you’ve found the podcast. 🙂

      I hadn’t thought about an omnibus edition, but that’s a good idea. Any thoughts on how many episodes you think would make a good omnibus episode? Or maybe it’s about frequency e.g. weekly or monthly?

      I’d love to find out more about your podcast idea for Sports Coaches. Drop me a msg via Twitter and maybe we can Skype?

      Ps. Hope you enjoyed episode 10!

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