#011 Resonating teams

There is something magical about being part of a resonating community. This episode asks what conditions make this happen, and I celebrate being in a resonating team right now.

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#011 Resonating teams

2 thoughts on “#011 Resonating teams”

  1. G’day mate.

    I tell you a bad team… Ipswich Town FC… My team… Rubbish!

    But seriously, loving the podcasts mate, truly inspiring, keep going!

    Love Moorsey

    Ps. I’ve a question for you to answer. Been bothering me for sometime and I’m sure your listeners could help too;

    Do Penguins have wings or flippers?

    Now I know it’s not too serious and I’m not undermining the value of your podcast, but sometimes we all need a bit of nonsense, eh?

    Laters taters ?

    1. Haha. Great to hear from you Moorsey! And ta very much for listening to the ‘poddy’, mate (guessing that’s the antipodean translation of podcast?).

      Not sure if any of us can help Ipswich Town … they’ve got to search for the magic inside themselves 😉

      Brilliant avian appendage question – and one that needs further investigation. And also a great reason for me and Dee to pop down to Bournemouth’s very own Sea Life Centre [citation needed] and peer at some of the newly installed penguins.

      Keep your chin up matey. Big love from us all back in Blighty x

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