#006 Digging into the detail

In today’s bubble, I talk about deconstructing complex ideas and rebuilding them again, with help from scientist, author and broadcaster Professor Alice Roberts. And I stick to my guns!

All clips of Alice Roberts are kindly lifted from Series 4, Episode 12 of Book Shambles, with Josie Long and Robin Ince

#005 Cries for help

In this episode I tell the true story of how I saved a cat’s life today. No, really! The sound of the screaming, meowing cat was horrendous, and I’m sure the memory will stay with me for a long time. But what happens if no-one can hear you screaming when you really need help?

I also mention the very worthwhile Only Us Campaign, which aims to help us see people with mental health labels as #OnlyUs. In their words, ‘4/4 of us are human beings’. Please check them out on Twitter: @OnlyUsCampaign

#004 Support networks and good times

In episode #004, I talk about being held accountable by my support networks and have a better life because of it. How do you benefit from being in your support networks, and what do you do to make things better for others?

#003 Reducing the dwell time

It’s a new year and I’m in the mood to Get Things Done. Episode #003 discusses the concept of ‘dwell time’, and I ask how you try to reduce it. Or should you dwell more for creativity’s sake?!

#002 Authentic celebrations

In bubble #002, I share a story about spontaneous, authentic celebration, and ask for your ideas on how we can make this happen more often.

#001 Happy New Year 2017

In today’s bubble, I consider whether New Year’s Day is a landmark moment in our lives, or is actually just the day after yesterday.

Blowing Bubbles podcast: explained

Bubbles are ideas (tiny podcast episodes) that I blow across the Internet and into your ears.

This is a place for me to reflect, focus and share what’s on my mind. Quickly and often.

From time to time I’ll be blowing bubbles as a #WOL channel, to float ideas from my little bubble out in to the world.

I hope that you – as a listener of the podcast – will challenge, critique and co-create ideas with me. This is where comments and Twitter comes in.

I’ll occasionally expand some of the bubbles as long-form articles and podcasts on the Sam Westlake website.

Don’t worry – there won’t be a quiz or assessment. So feel free to dip in and out of the pod-bubbles in any order.

You can listen to the first episode here.