#001 Happy New Year 2017

In today’s bubble, I consider whether New Year’s Day is a landmark moment in our lives, or is actually just the day after yesterday.

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#001 Happy New Year 2017

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  1. Lovely to hear your musings my friend. Keep them coming!!
    The duration of life is so vast and complicated it’s hard for our minds to comprehend it all! Breaking it all down in to years and landmark birthdays helps us to bookmark and take stock. So it is just another day, but the potential start of a new chapter. For me 2026 was a fantastic year, 2015 was not. it helped me to close that chapter and move on.
    Sorry for babbling! Speaking soon, Maz

    1. Thank you for commenting and for your kind words, Maz! It’s great to know the bubbles are blowing through to lovely people like yourself already 🙂

      Similar to you, 2016 was a great year for me on so many levels. Some things started to make sense that hadn’t before. Let’s hope 2017 is as kind to us all, and that we keep on learning how to make the most of our time on this earth.

      And now I’m babbling! See you soon as our special guest on another upcoming podcast series … details to be revealed soon! 😉

  2. Hi Sam,

    Great thoughts, and a good question to contemplate.

    I’m not religious, but I love this time of year (Christmas and New Year) for the common understanding that this is a time that folks stop for a while, if they can, and reconnect with family and friends.

    I think these common connective periods are few and far between in modern life, but very powerful socially when they come around. In older times, occasions such as May Day festivals, or harvest celebrations used to grant us regular touch points, where people used to gather and reconnect. These days, they tend to be specific events, such as a UK Olympics, or the death of a royal. We reach a brief and rare state of event -based commonality in an increasingly atomised and personalised world, where the propagation of the self overrides community priority.

    As you say too, the New Year heralds an arbitrary chance to draw a line under the things we want to move on from, and announce (or secretly just decide to enact) the new – either personal or public. January 1st is a human-made division – but not rendered completely synthetic by the fact that our planet does take 365 (and a bit) rotations of its own axis to circle the sun. So, each January 1st, we are, relative to the sun, in the same position that we were at the same time last year. So even though it is impossible to measure location in our wonderful universe, without measuring relative to another object travelling in who knows what direction at incredible speed, we can measure our year against the most wonderful and terrible object we know, and realise that we have again arrived at a certain point in its neighbourhood. We are restarting our orbit, and definitely stand again at a point of conceptual renewal.

    Just my 5p on a cold January evening. Love the podcast idea!


    1. Wonderfully put. You have a distinctive and non-prosaic writing style, Paul. Have you considered taking up the quill? 😉

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